Source code for munin.distance.wordlist

#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8


Compute the distance of two wordslists by building the union of both
wordlists and dividing this through the max length of both.


# Stdlib:
from itertools import combinations

# Internal:
from munin.distance import DistanceFunction

[docs]class WordlistDistance(DistanceFunction): """Compare a list of words using average linkage. Takes: an iterable of words and compares them directly. """ def do_compute(self, lefts, rights): union = frozenset(lefts) & frozenset(rights) if not union: return 1.0 return 1.0 - (len(union) / (max(len(lefts), len(rights))))
if __name__ == '__main__': import unittest class TestWordlistDistance(unittest.TestCase): def test_cmp(self): dfunc = WordlistDistance() self.assertEqual( dfunc.do_compute( frozenset(['berta']), frozenset(['berte']), ), 1.0 ) self.assertEqual( dfunc.do_compute( frozenset(['berta', 'berte']), frozenset(['berte']), ), 0.5 ) self.assertEqual( dfunc.do_compute( frozenset(['berta', 'berte']), frozenset(['berta', 'berte']), ), 0.0 ) self.assertEqual( dfunc.do_compute( frozenset(['berte', 'berta']), frozenset(['berte', 'berta']), ), 0.0 ) unittest.main()

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