Source code for munin.stopwords

#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8


Interface for loading stopwords from a set of 12 languages that
are packaged along libmunin.

The stopwords can be used to split text into important and unimportant words.
Additionally text language can be guessed through the ``guess_language`` module.


import os
import pkgutil

__path__ = os.path.dirname(pkgutil.extend_path(__file__, __name__))

# Cache all already loaded stopwords, since loading them takes a tad longer.

[docs]def parse_stopwords(handle): """Parse a file with stopwords in it into a list of stopwords. :param handle: an readable file handle. :returns: An iterator that will yield stopwords. """ for line in handle: yield line.strip().lower()
[docs]def load_stopwords(language_code): """Load a stopwordlist from the data directory. Returns a frozenset with all stopwords or an empty set if the language_code was not recognized. :param language_code: A ISO-639 Alpha2 language code :returns: A frozenset of words. """ global STOPWORD_CACHE if language_code in STOPWORD_CACHE: return STOPWORD_CACHE[language_code] relative_path = os.path.join(__path__, 'data', language_code) try: with open(relative_path, 'r') as handle: stopwords = frozenset(parse_stopwords(handle)) STOPWORD_CACHE[language_code] = stopwords return stopwords except OSError: return frozenset([])
if __name__ == '__main__': import sys import guess_language if '--cli' in sys.argv: code = guess_language.guess_language(sys.argv[2]) print(load_stopwords(code))

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