Source code for munin.distance.keywords

#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8


Compute the distance of two keywordsetlists using the Average-Linkage:

This can be used with:

    * :class:`munin.provider.KeywordsProvider`


# Stdlib:
from itertools import product, takewhile

# Internal:
from munin.distance import DistanceFunction
from munin.helper import float_cmp

[docs]class KeywordsDistance(DistanceFunction): """ The distance between two keywords is computes as follows: :math:`distance(A, B) = \\min(\\frac{\\vert a\\cup b\\vert}{\\max \\vert a \\vert, \\vert b \\vert} \\forall a, b \\in A \\times B)` *edit*: Nope. Changed. where *A* and *B* are the list of keywords to compare, and *a* and *b* are the individual keywordsets. """ def do_compute(self, lefts, rights): if not lefts or not rights: return 1.0 left_lang, lefts = lefts right_lang, rights = rights if right_lang != left_lang: return 1.0 min_distance = 1.0 for kwa, kwb in product(lefts, rights): # common = sum(1 for _ in takewhile(lambda t: t[0] == t[1], zip(kwa, kwb))) distance = 1.0 - len(kwa & kwb) / max(4, max(len(kwa), len(kwb))) min_distance = min(distance, min_distance) if float_cmp(distance, 0.0): break return 0.67 * min_distance + 0.33 * (not right_lang == left_lang)
if __name__ == '__main__': import sys import unittest class TestKeywordsDistance(unittest.TestCase): def test_basic(self): dist = KeywordsDistance() self.assertAlmostEqual(dist.do_compute( ('de', [frozenset(['a', 'b']), frozenset(['c', 'd'])]), ('de', [frozenset(['a', 'c']), frozenset(['b', 'd'])]) ), 0.5025) self.assertAlmostEqual(dist.do_compute( ('de', [frozenset(['a', 'b']), frozenset(['c', 'd'])]), ('en', [frozenset(['a', 'x']), frozenset(['y', 'd'])]) ), 1.0) self.assertAlmostEqual(dist.do_compute( ('de', [frozenset(['a', 'b']), frozenset(['c', 'd'])]), ('de', [frozenset(['a', 'b']), frozenset(['c', 'd'])]) ), 0.335) self.assertAlmostEqual(dist.do_compute( ('de', [frozenset(['a', 'b', 'c', 'd']), frozenset(['c', 'd'])]), ('de', [frozenset(['a', 'b', 'c', 'd']), frozenset(['c', 'd'])]) ), 0.0) self.assertAlmostEqual(dist.do_compute( ('de', [frozenset(['a', 'b']), frozenset(['c', 'd'])]), ('fr', [frozenset(['x', 'y']), frozenset(['z', 'รถ'])]), ), 1.0) if '--cli' in sys.argv: from munin.provider import KeywordsProvider provider = KeywordsProvider() with open(sys.argv[2], 'r') as f: left_text = with open(sys.argv[3], 'r') as f: right_text = dist = KeywordsDistance() print( dist.do_compute( provider.do_process(left_text), provider.do_process(right_text) ) ) else: unittest.main()

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