Keywords Distance


Compute the distance of two keywordsetlists using the Average-Linkage:

This can be used with:

  • munin.provider.KeywordsProvider


class munin.distance.keywords.KeywordsDistance(provider=None)[source]

The distance between two keywords is computes as follows:

\(distance(A, B) = \min(\frac{\vert a\cup b\vert}{\max \vert a \vert, \vert b \vert} \forall a, b \in A \times B)\)

edit: Nope. Changed.

where A and B are the list of keywords to compare, and a and b are the individual keywordsets.

This class is supposed to be overriden, but can also be used as fallback.

__call__ is implemented as shortcut to compute()

Parameters:name (String.) – Name of the DistanceFunction (used for display)

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